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Bruno, familj med fru och fyra "små" pojkar. Har intresse för motorcyklar i skogen: TRIAL, och hav: SEGLING.

Bruno with family and 4 "small boys" with interests in motor TRIAL and SAILING

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Jag kommer här att skriva lite om det som händer kring mig, min familj. Tipsa om intressanta ting och händelser. Check also my wife's blog Sol och Hav


Traveling Posted on 31 Jan, 2011 00:16

Ronda is an old city about 80 north of the sun coast of Spain in the mountains about 750 meter over the sea.

In 500 BC the Celts was there and then there was Romans and Julius Cesar made it a city.

The Islamic era ended in 1485. Around 1805 the city was destroyed by the Napoleon army.

The bridged over the ravine with a dept of about 100 meter was finished in 1794.

Still winter (in Sweden)

Traveling Posted on 27 Jan, 2011 15:59

I now on a short trip to Estepona in Spain, the temperature in the cars on the way to the airport showed -16º C but here it is some other temperature

Nice yacht to look at

or sailboats

But I also have to work so hard that I will need a shower after

more snow

Traveling Posted on 06 Mar, 2010 08:05

We went skiing in Hovfjället on friday, 90 cm of snow in the forest and more in the slopes.

A nice day, starting with -20 C at lowest in the vally but at the top and during the day it was -4 C.

Solveig, Rasmus and Claes. Amanda was allready on the way down.

But here I got the hole crew standing still

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