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Bruno, familj med fru och fyra "små" pojkar. Har intresse för motorcyklar i skogen: TRIAL, och hav: SEGLING.

Bruno with family and 4 "small boys" with interests in motor TRIAL and SAILING

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Jag kommer här att skriva lite om det som händer kring mig, min familj. Tipsa om intressanta ting och händelser. Check also my wife's blog Sol och Hav

new shoes

Interesting Posted on 12 Apr, 2013 19:39

I found new shoes from the manufacture
KAVAT, known for making shoes for young people.

They have starting making shoes with their
old design from the 1960th.

Hot and cold

Interesting Posted on 09 Feb, 2012 08:26

You all had hear about “cat on a hot tin roof”

Here we got it hot some where else

And the cat was on a cold roof


Interesting Posted on 21 Aug, 2011 19:17

Two fathers and two sons, how many will that be?






photo: Anne

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