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Bruno, familj med fru och fyra "små" pojkar. Har intresse för motorcyklar i skogen: TRIAL, och hav: SEGLING.

Bruno with family and 4 "small boys" with interests in motor TRIAL and SAILING

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Jag kommer här att skriva lite om det som händer kring mig, min familj. Tipsa om intressanta ting och händelser. Check also my wife's blog Sol och Hav


Sailing Posted on 06 Jul, 2011 22:04

Last weekend Gunnar A and I made a start in the
in Gunnar´s Dixie 32.

This race is a ‘short hand race’ that means
that only two crew member is allowed. The PANTAENIUS BOHUSRACET is
probably the larges short hand race in Scandinavia, this year with 160
boats entry.

Bohus is the north part of the Swedish west coast, from Gothenburg to Norway.

The became a 175 NM trip that lasted 33 hours for us.

Heading north passing the light house Pater Noster

Now after 24 hour we are heading south in about 7-8 knots

Here in the morning after we passes the finish line in Smögen (we passed the line at 21:30). We manage to place our self in top 10, meaning 10th place. (about 80 boats made it to the finnish line)

The boat to right was also from from Lake Vänern, we was the only two. They did also made a great sail and ended up as second in there class and 16th over all.

Vener Race 2011 II

Sailing Posted on 20 Jun, 2011 20:22

There was a photo taken of the race leader at the start and you can see our boat as no 3 from right

Vener Race 2011

Sailing Posted on 19 Jun, 2011 20:22

The 50th Vener Race started 17th of June and we started again with Gunnar Andersson’s Dixie 32 with a three member crew.

It started with hard winds and it started to rain direct after start and the wind increased to 15 m/s ( 7 Bft).

We made 143 Nm in 23 hour.

No photo was taken during the first 15 hour due to the weather conditions 🙂

We finnished on podium in the ‘large SRS fleet’

Lurö Archepelago was passed in the morning and some warming sun just broke true the clouds.

Now heading north just 6 hour to finnish line,

and one of crew take a nap on deck.

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