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Skog och Hav

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Bruno, familj med fru och fyra "små" pojkar. Har intresse för motorcyklar i skogen: TRIAL, och hav: SEGLING.

Bruno with family and 4 "small boys" with interests in motor TRIAL and SAILING

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Jag kommer här att skriva lite om det som händer kring mig, min familj. Tipsa om intressanta ting och händelser. Check also my wife's blog Sol och Hav


Food ond drink Posted on 06 Jul, 2013 21:29

Glenfarclas 105 cask strength

with some water added the flavour will be exposed, before your mouth become nom, it is 60% vol. in strength.

A new acquaintance

Food ond drink Posted on 12 Oct, 2012 18:45

A ten years
old whisky and it’s taste is very fine

A had to
order it


a Speyside whisky


Food ond drink Posted on 28 Nov, 2010 16:34

Yesterday I got a last seat at the afternon test of whisky and this day it was Ardbeg that was on the menu.

And at last we got a chance to taste their Rollercoaster, it’s a rare mix made from different barrels.

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